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With over two years of articles, FAB Shop Magazine Direct is growing in its efforts to help sheet-metal fabricators with editorial that pointedly serves the industry, because it's all about serving the readers' needs.

Because our editorial is well read, it brings in the decision makers for sheet-metal products and services. No other magazine can match FAB Shop Magazine Direct’s reader reach either, as it’s delivered by email to a guaranteed circulation of over 70,000 of those equipment decision makers in the U.S. and Canada. In fact, we provide high-quality leads, because we're able to track every single one along with each magazine viewer. We can even tell you how much time was spent by a reader on each ad or article. View our media kit to learn more.

Leads, Leads, Leads

Since starting FAB Shop Magazine Direct, our metrics are off the charts. When a reader clicks on your ad, URL or video, we provide you with the direct email contact information of the respondent - not an in-actionable click through report. View our media kit to learn more.

Great Editorial

Along with the ability to give you great metrics on viewers, FAB Shop Magazine Direct has unique editorial that people read. We offer articles on laser and plasma maintenance, employee training, and also what’s new in equipment and processes in the marketplace to name just a few. This is editorial written by veterans in the industry, people who operate fabricating job shops and other experts, so they know what our readers are up against in making a company productive and profitable. No other magazine gives you this kind of editorial. View our media kit to learn more.

Embedded Videos

If a photo is worth a thousand words, video is far superior. What better way is there for someone to see and understand a product other than by watching a video? If you have a laser that can accelerate to 2Gs, a static ad can’t show this blazing speed, but a video can, and that’s what FAB Shop Magazine Direct offers: a way to see your equipment in action or the ability to explain why your product is different! Try that in a printed publication! View our media kit to learn more.

Free Ads!

Double Your Advertising Reach With FAB Shop Magazine Direct. Bet on a sure thing with FAB Shop Magazine Direct's Double-Your-Advertising-Dollar Promotion. Here's a unique way to stretch your advertising dollars: If you buy a one-page, full-color ad, we'll give you the facing page with your website's homepage as a second free ad. This will effectively double your advertising reach and give potential customers a look at your company and its products through your homepage. When they click on your homepage, it will automatically open to your website. Clicks from your ad or homepage will be captured by us, and these email leads will be sent to you. View our media kit to learn more.

Contact Reports

FAB Shop Magazine Direct gives you monthly reports that provide the email contact information of your website visitors, and those who click on and watch your video. This is real email information, not just click-through numbers! View our media kit to learn more.

Your Ads Will Stay Around

FAB Shop Magazine Direct maintains a library of past issues that users can access for resource and reference. While most magazines are trashed after being read (meaning your ad is no longer around), our entire magazine is available for viewing after its archived –not just the articles, but the ads, too. This means that your ads and video contacts will be on our website indefinitely, effectively extending your ad reach on a daily basis. View our media kit to learn more.

Reader Feedback

Being digital, FAB Shop Magazine Direct provides valuable, immediate feedback from readers to help you meet customer needs and improve your bottom line.
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