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May 2015 - Adhesive Assembly



Adhesive Assembly - No Longer A Stepchild

Peel-test coupons show one of the primary goals of structural adhesives – peel strength. These are an exaggeration of what real structural adhesives can tolerate, but the idea comes through: an elastomeric capability is necessary for strong adhesives to withstand the extreme load at the very edge of a peeled joint.


The Rise of Powder Coatings in the Architectural Industry

Broader and more durable offerings make today’s powder coatings a more popular choice.


Robots With Vision Make Fast Work of Welding Nuts

Nut welding is commonly performed on machines that require an operator to position the part in a special fixture, then load the nuts, and then activate the welder. This approach requires a significant capital investment for each unique part and also requires a dedicated operator for each machine.


Welders Respond To Thin Coated 'Lightweighting' Steels

As automotive use of high-strength steels grows, so does the understanding of welding them. Welding thin sheet and production welding of galvanized steel are key challenges.


Software Keeps Eye On Waterjet Machine

Preventive Maintenance Key to Improved Efficiency.

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