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December 2014: FABTECH


 FABTECH 2014 Show Report

If you missed this year’s FABTECH in Atlanta, don’t despair. We’ve rounded up some of the key highlights for you in this report. With nearly 1,500 exhibitors, we can’t cover much more than highlights, but they’re enough to give you the flavor of new developments and technical trends.

But don’t assume that anything we missed wasn’t worth a report. There was just too much there to do it all at once. For those we missed, our apology, and a reminder that there is a whole year ahead to follow up on many more of the new developments.


Steps to Stop the Skills Gap

A paradox exists in the U.S. workforce—unfilled jobs in an economy with high unemployment. Overall, American manufacturing has experienced a decline in employment since the high in the late 1970s, but it started rebounding after reaching a low in 2010, according to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in various articles.


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